Sweet Freedom: 14-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

What is Sugar Doing to You?

Are you tired of feeling sick and sluggish?

Sugar could be to blame! It's hidden in more foods than you might think, and the average American eats over double the recommended daily amount.

But don't worry - our 14-day Sweet Freedom Sugar Detox Challenge is here to help. Join a supportive community of participants and kick the sugar habit for good.

Say goodbye to fatigue, bloating, and skin irritations, and hello to a healthier, happier you!

Join Dr. Susan Plank for Sweet Freedom: 14-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Plank …

My mom suffered for years with digestive, thyroid and weight issues.

Patients come to me with fatigue, gas, and concerns about weight gain. I don’t hand out the same tired advice you’ve heard for decades. I take a holistic and functional approach because — believe it or not — weight gain, digestion, and disease are all related. And I strongly believe, when we can get to the root cause of these issues, you can reclaim your health, energy, and vitality.

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Dr. Susan Plank

Your Body Will Thank You!

Are you tired of feeling controlled by your sugar cravings?

It's not your fault - we're taught from a young age to associate sugary treats with celebrations and comfort. But consuming too much sugar can lead to health issues and leave you feeling drained.

Cutting back on sugar may seem tough, but your body will thank you. Once you teach it to run on nutrient-dense foods, you'll experience improved energy, mood, and overall health.

Don't wait to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

Transform Your Relationship with Sugar - Join the Sweet Freedom Sugar Detox Challenge on Thursday, March 23rd!